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All your club data, processes and reports at one place. Top notch automation for all your club book keeping and accounting...

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Recurring Payments

Clubzilla handles recurring payments for you elegantly. Its Auto Invoicing, Notifications and Payment Tracking modules help you manage your member dues

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Keep in touch with your active and inactive members. Automated messaging for payments dues, follow ups & confirmations, birthday and festival greetings, event notifications and many more...

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Alerts & Inquiries

Automated alerts for payments due, scheduled readings, inquiry follow ups, birthdays. Track inquires and follow ups

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Discounts & Referrals

Manage package level and member level discounts. Manage referral bonus strategies for your club.

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Comprehensive dashboard for quick access and various detailed reports regarding inquires conversions, sales summary & projections and many more...

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Easy Data Management

Maintain all your club data with a easy to use web interface

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Invoicing & Payments

Manage recurring payments from your members, track payments.

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Automated messaging to keep in touch with all your members

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And So Much More...


Comprehensive Dashboard for quick access

Offer & Discounts

Define and mange offers and discounts at package level and member level.

Referral Bonus

Manage referral bonus for members that reflect accurately in the Members recurring billings.

Staff Management

Manage your staff schedules and payments.

Attendance & Footfall tracking

You also get automatic updates and bug fixes, new features work for you seamlesly.

Inquiry Management

Manage inquiries, set follow ups, generate sales report.


Collections reports, Sales, Referral Reports, Payments history, Staff Salaries, Footfall and many other reports

Custom Features

You wish a feature and we put it in FREE of cost!

Club Over Cloud?

Access from anywhere, anytime
Log in from anywhere to keep an eye over your club's books. Work on the go.

If you are currently maintaining your data on personal computers or your own servers, the odds are that we offer a better level of security than what you currently have in place.

Speed, Accuracy & Maturity

Works with supreme agility, calculates all your stats accurately.

Zero Upfront Cost

You pay as you go, no initial payments or setup fees.

Its Hosted

No software to buy, no installation required. You don't need to buy servers or trained IT manpower.

Auto Upgrades

You also get automatic updates and bug fixes, new features work for you seamlesly.

Data Safety

Multi layered secured access to your data, Automated daily backups.

No Nonsense!!

You don't have to give us appointments to visit your place to install and manage the software.

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